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Promotion of the Competition for the best student idea at the faculties in Kragujevac


Promotion of the Competition for the best student idea  held on , January 17, 2019 at two faculties of the University of Kragujevac, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and the Faculty of Economics. Those events organized within IF4TM project in cooperation with the students of the Organization of Youth Engineers FINES and Organization of the Sovereign Students of the Law Faculty,

A large number of interested students visited the stands of the competition and on that occasion they were additionally informed about the ways of submitting the idea, about the requirement that the team should achieve and about the time period of the competition.

Students also became acquainted with the rules of the competition and the opportunities offered through trainings in the field of business model development, writing business plans, market research, founding start-up companies, etc. Students are also acquainted with the activities of the Creative Center of the University of Kragujevac in which they can develope they ideas jointly with other team members, mentors and theachers.