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How to apply


1. Fill out the Application Form, which will be sent by the Team Leader to the Organizer of the competition by email to bsokg@kg.ac.rs. The name of the team can consist no more than three words and may not contain the personal name and / or surname, the name of the company or institution and can not be longer than 25 characters.

2. Based on the information from the application form, the competition administrator will open accounts to all members of the team at the UKG INNO STUDENT platform. Using the username and password they received via email when opening an account, team members can log on to the platform. Each member of the platform has the ability to change his / her password after registration.

3. The team leader is obliged to enter the idea and assign to the idea the registered members of his team.

4. Describe the idea answering the following questions:

  1. Which product or service is your team developing?
  2. What are your roles in the team?
  3. What is the market and who are potential buyers?
  4. Who offers similar products and services (competitors)?
  5. What are competitive advantages of your product/service?
  6. What amount of initial investment is necessary?
  7. How hard is it to realize the idea and how much time does it take?
  8. What are your motives for participation on the competition? 

5. The entry of an idea is done via the online form on the platform. The idea must be entered as private to be visible only to team members and administrators. Team members can change the content of the online form before the deadline for the application, i.e. until March 25, 2018.

6. Only when the idea is entered and all members of the team enter the idea formally, the team members receive an e-mail notification that the idea is entered.

7. Applications, Business Models and pitch presentations must be in Serbian language.

8. Teams that apply for participation in the Competition automatically confirm their compliance with the Rules of the Competition.

9. Incomplete or untimely applications, as well as applications sent by mail or by any other means, which are not provided for by the rules, will not be taken into consideration by the organizer. By approving the idea of the platform at the stage of the administrative check, the organizers confirm that the submitted applications are complete.