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Opremanje centra za savremene proizvodne tehnologije na Mašinskom Fakultetu u Kraljevu

USAID project „Opremanje centra za savremene proizvodne tehnologije na Mašinskom Fakultetu u Kraljevu“

Laboratory “3D Impulse” was established as the result of the project "Innovative management for new products" (known under official acronym "IMPuls") realized within the Regional Socioeconomic Development Program. The aim of the project was establishment of technological base for support of new product development that would be useful for both small and medium enterprises in Serbia. First task of the project was the promotion of the concept of rapid product development as well as relevant technologies introduced by this project. With that aim, technologies of selective laser sintering of plastics and metal, and technologies of 3D scanning were presented in 512 small and medium enterprises of Raski, Rasinski and Moravicki Districts. This was followed by the mapping of innovativeness and competitiveness of 316 enterprises that showed interest for application of rapid product development methods. Based on the assessment of market capacity obtained in this way, 107 enterprises were selected for free-of-charge services of the Centre. After the training for engineers and managers for application of new technologies for rapid product development, innovation management, innovation marketing and funding, development of 308 CAD models was supported and 121 prototypes of improved products were produced. The project was realized in the period 9.3.2011- 9.6.2013 and the total value of the project was 966.624,00 EUR, out of which 90% was provided by the European Commission and 10% by the contributions of the Cities of Kraljevo and Čačak and other local authorities from the Districts where the project is realized. 

Further support to the Laboratory “3D Impulse” was provided by the NGO organisation USAID with the programme "USAID Sustainable Local Development Project". This project provided equipment for the multimedia presentation room and laboratory website.  

After the project completion, the services of Laboratory “3D Impulse” will be commercially available to all users, including enterprises, individual designers, scientific institutions and others in the country and abroad engaged in the development and design of products.