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Centre for Virtual Manufacturing (Center)
Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
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Centre for Virtual Manufacturing (CeVIP) was founded in 2006, at Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac, within the project titled “Virtual Manufacturing Support for Enterprises in Serbia”. CeVIP has necessary resources for application of innovative technologies of virtual engineering (virtual manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, virtual reality, quality and performance control of CNC machines, etc.). It realizes joint research projects with Serbian enterprises and offers innovative approach and services in product, processes and tools development and their optimization, contributing in this way to the increase of their innovative potential and competitiveness on the market. Strategic networking with enterprises, leading research institutions and relevant ministries within the VMnet network makes CEVIP renowned and reliable service provider in research and innovative environment in Serbia.


•     Realization of scientific – research projects in the areas such as: virtual manufacturing, modelling and FEM/FVM numerical simulations and optimizations of technological processes, application of CAD/CAM/CAE technologies, 3D visualization of products and processes through application of virtual reality
•     Development of VMnet network for effective knowledge and technology transfer and provision of high-tech services  
•     Provision of    services and consulting – elaboration of feasibility studies, consulting in introduction of VM technologies, simulation of tool production, generating NC code, testing of CNC machines performances, etc. 
•     Realization of international projects (TEMPUS, FP6, SEE, WUS, EUREKA, GIZ, EAR, etc.) 
•     Organization and realization of courses for knowledge innovation, seminars, workshops and trainings  

Name email Host institution
true Mandić Vesna mandic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Jevtović Jelena jelena.jevtovic@kg.ac.rs University of Kragujevac
Stefanović Milentije stefan@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac

•     Strategic equipping of CEVIP centre with capital equipment and software that are unique in Serbia
•     Establishment of VMnet network and HTML platform for knowledge systematization; the network gathers over 1400 registered users from entire Western Balkans Region as well as 18 leading experts from various areas  
•     Establishment of VRPM (Virtual/Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing) group on CORDIS portal 
•     Organization of seminars, workshops, info-days, trainings, etc. 
•     Coordination of 12 international projects from FP6, TEMPUS, WUS, EAR, IPA/SEE programmes
•     Coordination of collecting 120 examples of good practice in transformation of research into innovation 
•     Trainings abroad for CEVIP team members (Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, Germany, WBC, etc.) 
•     Realization of research projects and services for Serbian enterprises  

Project title Project type
Modelling and Simulation in Metal Forming International
Renewal of steel car parts with aluminium International
Optimization of material forming processes through physical modelling, FE simulation and inverse analysis International
Development of Metal Forming Electronic Instructional Resources International
Virtual Engineering International
Virtual Manufacturing Support for Enterprises in Serbia International
Reinforcement of Research Capacity in Software Development and Innovative Collaborative Design and Engineering in Serbia and Montenegro International
Promoting Innovation in the Industrial Informatics and Embedded Systems Sectors through Networking International
Modelling and optimization of tool by application of information technologies of virtual manufacturing with experimental verification International
Improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises in Serbia through new technologies transfer and support of innovations International
Eliminacija defekata u procesu kovanja primenom FE simulacije Corporative
Optimizacija višeoperacionog kovanja u cilju popunjavanja alata Corporative
Procena napona u alatu kroz simulaciju istiskivanja aluminijumskog profila Corporative
Primena simulacije za procenu kvaliteta zavarene zone pri istiskivanju Al profila Corporative
Primena numeričke simulacije za procenu kvaliteta oblikovanja cevi Corporative
FE simulacija dubokog izvlačenja dela kutijastog oblika Corporative
FE analiza hidrauličnih gumenih crevovoda 2SN Corporative
Projektovanje alata za bočno profilisanje crepnih panela Corporative
Skeniranje i modeliranje segmenata pužnog vratila Corporative
Simulacija procesa valjanja profila za projektovanje mašine Corporative
Modeliranje procesa toplog istiskivanja Al profila kroz komornu matricu Corporative
Reverzni inženjering ploče razmenjivača toplote i simulacija oblikovanja lima Corporative
Optimizacija izvlačenja monobloka sudopere od feritnog čelika Corporative
Optimizacija procesa izrade poklopca od inox lima u četiri operacije Corporative
Simulacija višeoperacionog hladnog istiskivanja delova sa ozubljenjem Corporative
Analiza kovanja tela zgloba i optimizacija tehnologije Corporative
Modeliranje i optimizacija toplog kovanja aluminijuma Corporative
Projektovanje koračnih alata za izradu delova od lima pojačane čvrstoće Corporative
Simulacija i analiza procesa oblikovanja opružnog kontakta Corporative
Reverzni inženjering i modeliranje lampice za led diodu Corporative
Reverzni inženjering i izrada prototipa ručice Corporative
Brzi razvoj alata za izradu lavaboa od kompozita Corporative
Resource Name Type
Simufact forming Special software
Power Mill – Delcam Special software
Ballbar QC10 Sistem Equipment
Wintracker Equipment
5DT Glove Equipment
NuVision 60GX stereoscopic glasses Equipment
InFocus DepthQ 3D projector Equipment
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Sestre Janjić 6, 34000 Kragujevac, Srbija
+381 34 501 201
(FOS2) Engineering and technology
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Virtual manufacturing Virtual reality Reverse engineering Rapid product and process development Concurrent engineering CAD/CAM/CAE Finite element method Finite volume method Virtual manufacturing users network - VMNnet Simufact Stampack DELCAM POwerMill QC10 Ballbar DepthQ 3D projector