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Centre for Revitalization of Industrial Systems (Center)
Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac

Centre for Revitalization of Industrial Systems was founded in 1993 and today it carries out its activities within the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac. The Centre gathers many professors from the Department for Production Engineering, but it also includes the Laboratory for Metal Cutting and many other laboratories and centres with significant material and human potential. It also engages many recognized experts from industrial practice. 
The Centre was established with the aim to gather experts from scientific-research institutions and industry, so that theoretical and engineering knowledge and ideas can be implemented through new technologies and products. Within the Centre for Revitalization of Industrial Systems, many projects have been implemented to fit the national and international market needs. Many of them have resulted in realization of completely new technical solutions for special machines, equipment, tools and measuring devices. The Centre is open for cooperation with enterprises that would like to improve their existing production programs and launch new products on the market.


•    Design of new and optimization of existing technological processes 
•     Design of specialized shrink machines and devices 
•     Design of specialized shrink tools 
•     Design of flexible modular systems of shrink tools 
•     Optimization of cutting tool selection 
•     Design of specialized cutting tools 
•     Design and production of devices for management of cooling and lubricating devices 
•     Design and production of modern tribo-diagnostic equipment in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards 
•     Design of transportation systems 
•     Revitalization and repair of machines 
•     Provision of services in the area of prototyping of machines and devices 
•     Provision of services in the area of 3D modelling and technical documentation updating  
•     Provision of education services in the area of tools and devices management  
•    Provision of services in the area of statistic data analysis  
•     Provision of expert opinions and expertise  
•     Specialized courses in various technical and IT areas (data bases, analytical data bases, CAD software)  
•     Software solutions in the area of engineering and re-engineering of technological processes, as well as calculations of processing expenses  


Name email Host institution
true Tadić Branko btadic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Bogdanović Bojan Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Jeremić Marija Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Randjelović Saša Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Simić Aleksandar Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac

•     Development and marketing of tribometers TPD -93 and TPD-2000 on international universities
•     Development of devices for testing static and dynamic flexibility of tangentially loaded junctions
•     Development of tribometer for determining the static friction coefficient at micro/nano contact and raised temperatures 
•     Tool for final surface processing using the method of rolling the steel ball along the surface of processed object 

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+381 34 335 990 lok. 638
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