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Centre for Bio-Engineering (CBI) was founded in June 2006 at initiative of professors Miloš Kojić and Nenad Filipović. The first and current manager is Professor Nenad Filipović. The Centre was established as the result of a number of international and national scientific projects and international papers in the area of bio-engineering. The Elaborate and the Decision on Establishment of CBI defines the rooms used by the Centre (room C-22) as well as the equipment purchased from the projects in bio-engineering area.


• Simulation of cardio-vascular systems 
• Simulation of respiratory systems 
• Simulation of muscle functions  
• Sport bio-mechanics  
• Medicines transport, nanotechnology  
• Tumour growth prediction  

Name email Host institution
true Filipović Nenad fica@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Đukić Tijana Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Isailović Velibor Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Mijailović Nikola Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Milošević Žarko Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Nikolić Dalibor Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Obradović Milica Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Petrović Dejan Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Radović Miloš Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Saveljić Igor Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Vukićević Arso Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Vulović Radun Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Živanović Marko Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac

• More than 400 papers were published in international journals and over 350 papers at international and national conferences  
• Software for simulation of blood flow through blood vessels was developed 
• Software for simulation of air flow in alveoli was developed 
• Software for noise analysis from blind Doppler was developed  
• Software for simulation of spinal column load was developed 

Project title Project type
Razvoj metoda i softvera za numerička i eksperimentalna istraživanja iz oblasti biomedicinskih nauka National
Razvoj metoda, softvera i uređaja za oblast biomehanike i bioinženjeringa National
Transport biološki aktivnih molekula u fiziološkim membranama National
Razvoj kompjuterskih modela i softvera za modeliranje i simulacije iz oblasti opšteg i biomedicinskog inženjeringa National
Metode modeliranja biomehaničkih sistema sa primenom u medicini, National
Razvoj softvera i hardvera iz oblasti bioinženjeringa sa primenom u kliničkoj praksi, National
Development of an Anatomical Model for the Simulation of Excitation Propagation And Cardiac Biomechanics International
Integracija otkrivanja zakonitosti podataka i složenog kompjuterskog modeliranja bolesti koronarnih arterija International
Specifični kompjuterski model koronarnih arterija kod pacijenta i predviđanje nastanka i razvoja arterosklerotičkog plaka International
Multi-level patient-specific artery and atherogenesis model for outcome prediction, decision support treatment, and virtual hand-on training International
Multi-level protection of materials for vehicles by “SMART” nanocontainers International
Razvoj metoda i softvera za modeliranje elektromagnetnog polja prilikom funkcionalne elektrostimulacije na ruci International
Razvoj anatomskog modela za simulaciju širenja pobuda u kompleksnom sistemu elektro-kardio-biomehanike International
South-Eastern European Grid-enabled eInfrastructure Development 2 International
New cardiovascular planning and diagnostic tool for coronary arteries in BSEC countries using computational simulation International
Integracija otkrivanja zakonitosti podataka i složenog kompjuterskog modeliranja bolesti koronarnih arterija International
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  2. Parodi O., Exarchos T., Marraccini P., Vozzi F., Milosevic Z., Nikolic D., Sakellarios A., Siogkas P., Fotiadis D.I., Filipovic N., Patient-specific prediction of coronary plaque growth from CTA angiography: a multiscale model for plaque formation and progression, IEEE Transaction on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol. 16(5), pp. 952-965, (2012)
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