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Centre for testing and calculation of machine elements and systems - CIPMES (Center)
Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
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Centre for testing and calculation of machine elements and systems - CIPMES is located at the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac in room C-IV-3. Center brings together all interested teachers and research associates of the Department for mechanical constructions and mechanization, and if necessary, they may also hire other teachers from the Faculty, as well as experts from the industry. The Centre's activities are related to:

  • Research and scientific work (preparation of doctoral thesis and writing scientific papers),
  • Education (University students preparing to compete at Masinijada in Machine elements as well as organizing additional teaching and hands-on activities for interested students),
  • Permanent education (organization of trainings and courses for unemployed engineers, and engineers employed in product development),
  • Publishing,
  • Cooperation with industry etc.


  • Designing of machines and devices,
  • 3D modeling and creating technical documentation,
  • Parametric modeling,
  • Mechanical constructions calculations,
  • Structural analysis of mechanical constructions,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Product development training,
  • Publishing,
  •  Design of equipment for testing the power transmission systems,
  • Documentation conversion (2D to 3D and 3D to 2D),
  • Consulting,
  • Certification of machine elements and machine systems,
  • Organizing presentations of companies’ production programs in the field of machine design, power transmission systems etc.
Name email Host institution
true Blagojević Mirko mirkob@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Đorđević Zorica zoricadj@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Kostić Nenad Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Marjanović Nenad nesam@kg.ac.yu Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Matejić Miloš Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Miletić Ivan imiletic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Petrović Nenad Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Stojanović Blaža blaza@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
Vujanac Rodoljub vujanac@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
  • Development of testing device for vehicle joints as well as verification of test results of Belleville springs using FEM,
  • Design of the closed power circuit for testing gear trains,
  • Defining and calculation of a new power dividers conception R-170 for off-road vehicle ZASTAVA IVECO,
  • Publishing of four textbooks, one workbook and one monograph,
  • Certification of the numerous mechanical parts, devices etc.
  • Organization of nine training courses for the unemployed, in the field of product development in Kragujevac, Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad,
  • Production of numerous power transmissions prototypes
Resource Name Type
3D printer MAKERBOT REPLICATOR 2 Equipment
Milling machine Roland MDX-40A Equipment
  • Device for testing vehicles couplings,  ZASTAVA CARS – Automobile Institute,
  • Closed power circuit for testing gear trains, ZASTAVA CARS – Automobile Institute,
  • Design analyses of planetary mechanisms using FEM from company ”14. October”, Kruševac,
  • Calculation and defining new concepts of power dividers R-170 for off-road vehicle Zastava Iveco,
  • Designing new concept of two-stage cycloid drive,
  • A large number of functional models of mechanical systems performed through the master's theses and doctoral dissertations,…
  • Issuance of many certificates for machine elements and systems (Auto RELI – Kragujevac, Metaloplastika – Kragujevac, Mermis – Kragujevac, Pakprom – Kragujevac, EMA – Knić Kragujevac,...).


  1. V. Nikolić: Machine elements – theory and examples, 1995,
  2. V. Nikolić: Mechanical analysis of the gear train elements - monograph, 1999,
  3. N. Marjanović: Design methods, 1999,
  4. V. Nikolić: Machine elements – theory, calculation, examples, 2004,
  5. V. Nikolić, Z. Đorđević, M. Blagojević: Machine elements – workbook, 2008.
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