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Centre for Lifelong Learning, Student Counselling and Career Development (Center)
Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
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Centre for Lifelong Learning was founded on 17.06.2010 at the Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac within the TEMPUS project “Development of the Lifelong Learning Framework in Serbia”. As the result of the project “Student Counselling and Career Guidance“ within Democracy Outreach Programme, funded by the Embassy of USA in Serbia, it expanded its activities to student counselling and career guidance. Centre for Lifelong Learning, Student Counselling and Career Development has the aim to make higher education more accessible to young people, as well as to help students gain knowledge and skills necessary for their involvement in business practice. Specific goals of the Centre are: to help students overcome barriers to fulfil their assignments, gain new knowledge and develop their expertise and practical skills; to make higher education more accessible to young people with disability; to link former students with Faculty/University; to allow gaining of general knowledge that is not tightly connected to a certain professional field, but that is specific and directly applicable at work place; to raise awareness about the importance of free and unobstructed access to higher education for everyone.


•     Development, definition and realization of trainings, courses and modules in lifelong learning area
•     Support to development of small and medium enterprises through provision of special programme of trainings for entrepreneurs 
•     Organization of seminars and conferences devoted to promotion of Centre’s activities and attracting new participants 
•     Preparation and organization of workshops, courses and trainings for students and employees at faculties of University of Kragujevac.  
•     Coordination and cooperation with foreign universities within international projects in the area of lifelong learning  
•     Provision of consulting to institutions/enterprises in terms of knowledge that would be most adequate for them having in mind their activity scope, technology and market trends
•     Development of new modules of learning based on ICT 
•     Provision of necessary information, support and assistance to students  

Name email Host institution
true Babić Verica vbabic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Borišić Mario Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Čupić Milan mcupic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Erić Jelena jelena_eric@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Janković Marija Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Nikolić Jelena jnikolic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Slavković Marko mslavkovic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Todorović Mirjana mtodorovic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac

•     The Centre organized two international conferences on lifelong learning, where both national and international experts held presentations and discussions, as well as 13 round tables
•     The Centre carried out three researches on employers’ needs for the knowledge and skills of their employees   
•     The Centre developed methodology for training programmes of 20-30 hours 
•     Working on institutionalization of lifelong learning system at University of Kragujevac, the Centre participated in defining the Strategy for Lifelong Learning adopted by the University  
•     The Centre participated in the elaboration of the Strategy for Development of Education by 2020
•     The Centre published more than 10 publications on lifelong learning  
•     The Centre started the project    “Student Counselling and Career Guidance“ within Democracy Outreach Programme, funded by the USA Embassy in Serbia and expanded its activities on student counselling and career guidance     
•     In the area of student counselling and career guidance, the Centre organized two workshops on academic writing and time management for students, as well as seven debates on lifelong learning, employment, study visits, disabled persons in higher education and entrepreneurship.


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Djure Pucara Starog 3, 34000 Kragujevac, Srbija
+381 34 303 502
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