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Centre for Economic Research at the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac (Center)
Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
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More than half of a century, Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac has positioned itself as a respectable institution, in scientific, research and consultant sense. As a high-educational institution, Faculty provides necessary human resources in the fields of general economics and management, offering the opportunity for bachelor, master and doctoral studies’ enrolment. Through its scientific and educational activity, Faculty strives to build up leading position in the country and region, giving its contribution to the development through education of economists and managers, as well as through impelling scientific and research work within fundamental and applied research.
In striving to put the cooperation with national and international industry, organizations and institutions to a higher quality level, in 2008 Faculty of Economics created the Centre for Economic Research and brought the Act on its Organisation and Activities. The main objectives of the Centre include realization of basic, applied and development scientific research, organizing trainings and providing professional consultant services. Great contribution to the activities and development of the Centre is made by all Faculty employees, especially professors and associates, with their significant scientific-research results.


•     Realization of basic, applied and development scientific research  
•     Provision of expert and consultancy services in various subareas of the economics and management, based on the concluded contracts with third parties  
•     Innovating knowledge  
•     Organization of trainings and testing in the area of registered activities, realization of courses and workshops  
•     Elaboration  of projects  
•     Providing opportunities to all interested parties in scientific and wider social community to gain general or wider knowledge from economics and management  
•     Networking and intensifying the cooperation with national enterprises, organizations and institutions  
•     Organization of national and international scientific events, seminars and conferences
•     Cooperation with foreign universities within international scientific projects 
•     Other related activities and projects, in accordance with the available resources of the Centre for Economic Research. 


Name email Host institution
true Babić Verica vbabic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Dženopoljac Vladimir dzenopoljac@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Ljubisavljević Snežana ljubisavljevic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Ranković Vladimir vladar@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Ristić Lela lristic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Stanišić Nenad nstanisic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Todorović Violeta v.todorovic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac
Veselinović Petar pveselinovic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Economics Kragujevac

•     Centre for Economic Research, in cooperation with the Publishing Centre of the Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac, contributes to fortifying and development of publishing at the Faculty
•     Centre for Economic Research in cooperation with the Publishing Centre also organizes traditional national scientific events and international conferences at the Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac
•     Centre for Economic Research of the Faculty of Economics University of Kragujevac encourages: participation in projects; publishing of the scientific papers in national and international magazines, paper proceedings of national and international conferences and scientific events; publishing of school books and monographs, etc. 

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Djure Pucara Starog 3, 34000 Kragujevac, Srbija
+381 34 303 502
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