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E-Lab is hypermedia laboratory with specially adjusted environment for different types of advanced electronic communication. Laboratory is equipped with the newest system for video-conferencing, exclusive computer and communication equipment and has outstanding ergonomic design. 
E-Lab was established within the EU TEMPUS JEP project “Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning”, with significant support from the Faculty of Technical Sciences. One of the main objectives of this laboratory is to provide the ambience and technological logistics for the realization of online education and via video-conferencing system. In that sense, within E-Lab there is the System for e-learning based on Moodle environment. 
Via e-learning system, teaching activities are realized remotely and so far five student generations on study program Master for e-Learning have had an opportunity to benefit from it.


•     Modernization of educational activities by promoting regional and international cooperation through linking the institutions and individuals as well as through information exchange in the area of e-learning and remote education 
•     Development and implementation of e-courses 
•     Design of e-learning infrastructure 
•     Organization of vocational lectures, trainings, symposiums and conferences on the topic of e-learning and remote education 
•     Promotion of remote education through cooperation and participation in national, regional and international events of competitive, promotional or commercial character 
•     Promotion and launching of innovative and creative professional and research solutions
•     Development of remote experiments with the aim to modernize the engineering education 


Name email Host institution
true Krneta Radojka radojka.krneta@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Božović Maja maja.bozovic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Brković Mirjana mirjana.brkovic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Damnjanović Đorđe djordje.damnjanovic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Milošević Danijela danijela.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Milošević Marjan marjan.milosevic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak

• Development of course for e-tutors (in cooperation with the University of Macerata) 
• Training for WBC-VMnet Consortium representatives for application of tools and technologies in education 
• Establishment of the e-learning system at the Faculty of Information Technology in Podgorica 
• Organization of the seminar “Methods, procedures and tools for e-grading” for teaching staff of elementary and secondary schools.  

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