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Laboratory for Electrical Machines, Drives and Regulations LEDR - Lab (Laboratory)
Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
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Laboratory for Electrical Machines, Drives and Regulations performs laboratory exercise from the following subjects:
• Electrical machines 
• Electromotor drives 
• Regulation of electromotor drives 
Laboratory for Electrical Machines, Drives and Regulations of electromotor drives is the part of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak. Exercises on programs of basic studies of Electro-Energy, Computer Engineering and Mechatronics and master studies of Remote Control are carried out in the Laboratory. Moodle system for e-learning with course materials is also available to students. In order to attend these courses, students need to send a request after which they receive the password to log in to the system. 


•     Performing laboratory exercise and experiments at study programs of Electro-Technical and Computing Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak  
•     Providing services of laboratory testing of motors and drives for industry  
•     Modernization of scientific and education process by introducing new procedures and methods of testing electric machines  
•     Modelling, design and testing of new prototypes of machines and devices  
•     Organization of vocational lectures, trainings, symposiums and conferences on the topic of electric machines and drives 

Name email Host institution
true Bjekić Miroslav miroslav.bjekic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Božić Miloš Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak
Rosić Marko marko.rosic@ftn.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak

A series of laboratory exercises: 
•     Electrical machines - http://www.empr.ftn.kg.ac.rs/elmas.html  
•     Electromotor drives - http://www.empr.ftn.kg.ac.rs/elpog.html  
•     Regulation of electromotor drives - http://www.empr.ftn.kg.ac.rs/regpog.html  
Development of new measuring apparatuses and devices: 
•     Apparatus for standard testing of asynchronous and direct current motors 
•     Apparatus for measuring the moment of the motor and determining the mechanical characteristics
•     Apparatus for testing of stepper motors 
•     Educative panel with automatic elements 
•     Apparatus and software for determining of the energy efficiency category and three-phase asynchronous motors with the power up to 7,5 kW 
•     Electromagnetic brake for controlled load of electrical motors up to 7.5kW 
•     Construction of prototypes of four-axis numerically operated machine for built-up welding 


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6.    Bjekić M. i Rosić M. Kontaktorska oprema u pogonu asinhronog motora, laboratorijski praktikum sa CD-om, Tehnički fakultet Čačak, 2008, ISBN 978-86-7776-071-7
7.    Božić, M., Rosić, M., Koprivica, B.,Bjekić, M., Antić, S., “Efficiency classes of three-phase, cage-induction motors (IE-code) software”, INDEL2012, IX Symposium Industrial Electronics, INDEL 2012, pp 87-91, November 1-3, Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina, 2012 

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