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Botanical Garden in Kragujevac (Research group)
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac

The Botanical Garden is organizational unit of the Institute for Biology and Ecology, at Faculty of Science in Kragujevac. It is located in the complex of the Memorial park “21 Oktobar”, on the surface area of 18.6 hectares. The forming of Botanical garden started in 1992 with the aim to protect genetic and special diversity of Serbian flora, research acclimatization and special introduction, educate student in the area of biodiversity and environmental protection as well as to increase the biological and ecological culture of citizens. Opening ceremony was held on 8th September 1997. 
Within the Botanical Garden there are three units:
•     Exhibition unit – with decorative part, cyclic plateau with the bust of Josif Pančić, dendrarium, alpinetum, special
    collections, labyrinth with endemic species   
•     Administrative-scientific unit and  
•     Economic-production unit – with tree nursery and greenhouse. 


•     Contribution to the scientific knowledge in the area of protection and preserving the flora biodiversity, especially in Serbia 
•     Contribution to the protection and reintroduction of endangered, rare, protected and specially protected plant species 
•     Promotion of knowledge related to flora both in Serbia and in the world 
•     Education of young scientific staff through work with students at master and PhD studies 
•     Education of pre-school and elementary school children in the area of protection and preservation of biodiversity of flora through realization of educative workshops in the Botanical Garden 
•     Education of wider population on the benefits of biodiversity protection 
•     Raising the level of ecological awareness in the society with the special attention to the place and significance of plants.  

Name email Host institution
true Đelić Gorica gdjelic@pmf.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Branković Snežana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Grbović Filip Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Jakovljević Dragana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Radulović Monika Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Stanković Milan mstankovic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Topuzović Marina marina@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac

•     Teachers and associates from the Institute of Biology and Ecology engaged in Botanical Garden participated in many national and international projects 
•     Establishment of Botanical Garden and reintroduction of some plant species

1.    Stanković Milan S., Niciforović Neda, Mihailović Vladimir, Topuzović Marina D, Solujić Slavica. Antioxidant activity, total phenolic content and flavonoid concentrations of different plant parts of Teucrium polium L. subsp polium. ACTA SOCIETATIS BOTANICORUM POLONIAE, (2012), vol. 81 No. 2, p. 117-122
2.    Jakovljević Dragana Z.,  Stankovic Milan S., Topuzovic Marina D. Seasonal variability of Chelidonium majus L. Secondary metabolities content and antioxidant activity. EXCLI JOURNAL, (2013), vol. 12 , p. 260-268.
3.    Stanković Milan S., Radojević Ivana D,  Ćurčić Milena G., Vasić Sava M., Topuzović Marina D.,D., Čomic Ljiljana R.,  Markovic Snežana D.  Evaluation of biological activities of goldmoss stonecrop (Sedum acre L.) TURKISH JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY, (2012), vol. 36 No. 5, p. 580-588.
4. Brankovic Snezana R, Pavlović-Muratspahic Dragana, Topuzović Marina D, Glišić Radmila, Banković Dragić D, EXCLI JOURNAL, (2011),  vol. 10, p. 230-239. Environmental study of some metals on several aquatic macrophytes. AFRICAN JOURNAL OF
    BIOTECHNOLOGY, (2011), vol. 10 No. 56, p. 11956-11965.
5.    Stankovic Milan S., Radojevic Ivana D,  Stefanovic Olgica D., Topuzovic Marina D, Čomić Ljiljana R. Brankovic Snežana R. Immortelle (Xeranthemum Annuum L.) as a Natural Source of Biologically Active Substances.     EXCLI JOURNAL, (2011), vol. 10, p. 230-239.


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