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Laboratory for Microbiology (Laboratory)
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac

Laboratory for Microbiology is the part of the Institute of Biology and Ecology of the Faculty of Science in Kragujevac. The main activity of the Laboratory is related to the scientific-research and educational work in the area of microbiology within the Biology and Ecology study program. The objective of the laboratory is to introduce new methods and innovate existing ones with its original scientific-research work and in this way to contribute to the promotion of existing knowledge from the area of ecology of microorganisms, soil and water microbiology and other relevant areas. Nowadays, modernization and promotion of educational process have significant role in microbiological research.


•     Contributions to the scientific knowledge in the area of microbiology with special focus on physiological activity and control of microorganisms  
•     Microbiological characterisation of newly synthetized antimicrobial substances and antimicrobial substances of plant origin with clear feedback information relevant for promotion of their efficiency  
•     Promotion of knowledge in the area of ecology of microorganisms with special focus on the role of microorganisms in natural eco-systems and their relation to other elements in biocenosis  
•     Testing of the sanitary and ecological quality of water eco-systems with the aim of objective status assessment, creation and establishment of adequate monitoring system, enhancement of protection capacity, pollution reduction and promotion of quality of natural waters in Serbia  
•     Creation and implementation of unique integrated information system related to Serbian lakes and reservoirs (SeLaR -  Serbian Lakes and Reservoirs Info system) and creation of information basis for archiving available limnological data in electronic form and their processing into information useful to all users  
•     Education of young scientific staff through work with students at master and PhD studies  
•     Work with vocational organizations and promotion of efficiency of their work through implementation of modern laboratory methods and demonstration of examples of good laboratory practice 
•     Raising the level of ecological awareness in society with special attention to the place and significance of hygienic and sanitary indicators of quality and assessment of microbiological risks  

Name email Host institution
true Čomić Ljiljana ljilja@pmf.kg.ac.rs Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Nikolić Miloš Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Ostojić Aleksandar ostojic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Radojević Ivana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Stefanović Olgica Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac
Vasić Sava Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Kragujevac

•     More than 50 papers published in international scientific journals from Thomson list and 50 papers published in national scientific journals 
•     More than 200 papers presented at international / national scientific events 
•     The associates of the Laboratory participated in several international projects: one from FP7, 2 from TEMPUS and one from COST programme 
•     In the period 1990-2014, 12 scientific projects have been/are realized from the basic research and technological development programmes 
•     A great number of environmental studies were realized (Šumadija and Pomoravlje, Kragujevac, Kruševac) as well as studies related to water supply in Kragujevac 
•     Original microbiological mWQI index for water quality was created 
•     Integrated management information system related to Serbian lakes and reservoirs was developed and implemented (SeLaR info-system) (http://selar.pmf.kg.ac.rs ) 

1.    Licina B, Stefanovic O, Vasic S, Radojevic I, Comic Lj. 2013.  Biological activities of the extracts from wild growing Origanum vulgare L. Food control.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodcont.2013.03.020
2.    Ranković V., Radulović J., Radojević I., Ostojić A., Čomić Lj. 2012. Prediction of dissolved oxygen in reservoirs using adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system. Journal of Hydroinformatics.  14, 1:167–179 ISSN 1464-7141
3.    Stefanović O, Radojević I, Vasić S, Čomić Lj. 2012. Antibacterial activity of naturally  occurring compounds from selected plants. Chapter 1 in Antibacterial Agents, ed. Varaprasad Bobbarala. In Tech - Open Access Publisher, ISBN 978-953-51-0723-1. 
4.    Mitrović T, Stamenković S, Cvetković V, Tošić S, Stanković M, Radojević I, Stefanović O, Čomić L, Đačić D, Ćurčić M, Marković S 2011. Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Antiproliferative Activities of Five Lichen Species. Int. Journal of Molecular Sciences, 12(8):5428-5448 
5.    Čomić Lj, Ranković B., Novevska V., Ostojić A. 2010. Diversity and dynamics of the fungal community in Lake Ohrid (Macedonia). Aquatic biology. 9, 2: 169-176. ISSN 1864-7790

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Radoja Domanovića 12, 34000 Kragujevac, Srbija
+381 34 336 223 lok. 266
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