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Laboratory for Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering (Laboratory)
Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac
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Laboratory for Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering is active in the scientific fields of thermodynamics, and heat, classical energy, and process engineering. In addition, this laboratory is active in architectural engineering, general renewable energy, solar energy, biomass, and geothermal energy. In all these fields, the laboratory supports education, scientific investigations, expert work and publishing of scientific and education material. These activities are realized in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, UNESCO, European Commission, and various legal and private entities. 


•     Educational activities of students on bachelor, master and PhD studies (Subject on bachelor academic studies: Thermodynamics, Heat and mass transfer, Heating, air-conditioning and solar energy; Subjects on master academic studies: Devices and plants for heating and air conditioning, Solar engineering; Subjects on PhD studies: Heat and mass transfer, Modelling of energy – ecology behaviour of buildings and Solar engineering) 
•     Scientific – research activity comprises research, development, design and provision of assistance in introducing devices and plants from the areas of heat engineering, process engineering and energy engineering into industry production  
•     Expert activities consists of expertise, attestation, certifying and revision of realized designs of devices and systems of heat engineering, process engineering, conventional and renewable energy 
•     Elaborations on energy efficiency of buildings and their energy passports


Name email Host institution
true Lukić Nebojša lukic@kg.ac.rs Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac

Developed installations for: 
•     Measuring the characteristics of radiator heating bodies 
•     Heating and air conditioning by using geothermal heat pumps 
•     Accumulating hot water and electricity obtained from solar energy  

Prototypes for solar energy utilization:   
•     Concentrator to obtain heat 
•     Hybrid collector to obtain heat and electricity 
•     Hybrid concentrator to obtain heat and electricity 

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