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Competition for best student ideas at the University of Kragujevcu


Within WBCInno project, the Competition for best student ideas is organized at the University of Kragujevac. The Competition is designed as the support to those who have good ideas and who want to develop them further into product or service, to improve their entrepreneurial and creative skills, with possibility to earn from those ideas or receive valuable rewards.

All students of basic, master or doctoral studies can participate in the Competition, in teams of 2 to 4 members (researchers and professors can also be part of the team). Registration is carried out online on UKG INNO platform. In order to open an account on UKG INNO platform, it is necessary to send an email to the Business Support Office of the University of Kragujevac to bsokg@kg.ac.rs with the information about the team members (name, username, email address and phone number).

The deadline for submitting the ideas on the UKG INNO platform is 1st April 2015, when the teams with quality ideas will go to the next phase and participate in the set of training events in the areas of innovation, intellectual property, creative problem solving, as well as the training related to the development and validation of business model. Participants will also receive the mentoring support from the university experts with the aim of further development of their ideas and preparation for the selection of the most promising ones.

We would like to invite all students, researchers and professors to register their teams and in this way use the opportunity to become successful entrepreneurs.

More details on the Competition can be found at the website of the Business Support Office